Investors are constantly looking for new reliable ways of achieving higher than average returns on their capital

The fast growing UK SME market experiences short term cash constraints and a lack of working capital which banks struggle to satisfy, especially in view of their strict regulatory requirements.
This allows investors seeking consistent income generating returns the opportunity to build diversified loan portfolios through lending to the underfunded SME market.
Loan portfolios, managed prudently through institutional level of underwriting and monitoring, allow investors to receive attractive returns as well as useful diversification into a non correlated asset class.
We offer investors an option to gain immediate access to loan portfolios in a well-established, regulated open ended investment fund (CB Growth Fund or to build bespoke loan portfolios through other investment vehicles (SPVs) which meet institutional investors’ specific requirements.


  • Low returns on deposits
  • Low returns and increased risk on European Government bonds
  • High risk and volatility on stock exchange investment
  • Long term reward/risk profile of private equity investment
  • Low & often unpredictable return on retirement annuities
YesGrowth has developed a lending model illustrated in the graphic.

Family offices
Companies with surplus funds
Commercial banks
High net worth individuals
International funds


Established, registered LTD,

Investor benefits

In-depth analysis & due diligence
of lenders and loans
Low correlation with other asset classes
Institutional level of undewriting
and portfolio management
Consistent level of returns

Deal flow origination

  • Highly scalable multi-channel loan origination
  • High level of loan diversification
  • Multi product portfolio

Quality deal flow

SMEs employ 15.7 million people with a combined annual turnover of £1.8 trillion. Utilising its highly diversified network based deal flow generating model Yes Growth enjoys a constant flow of quality, risk assessed, loan deals.
This has resulted in a four year succesfull track record of our investors receiving consistent returns and capital preservation.
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